Biggest Turn Ons


It’s now time for something a little more fun and interesting. Let’s look overkate-upton-wallpaper-ccec0 some of the biggest turn ons. What gets your attention.  Could this be love at first sight? Possibly, but this is not the love that some of you maybe thinking about. We are not talking about the love that hits us and we begin to image the white picket fence, family and the happily ever after.

This is just plain simple, what get’s your attention when that stranger walks by.

Again these are just some of the few turn ons I thought were pretty interesting off the intranets. Of course I’m sure there are some I may not mention or miss, but this is just for fun.

For both genders you can’t argue with this one. I’m talking about accents. Not all, but there are just some accents that are just an instant turn on. It’s just something unique about how they pronounce certain words. Just a question on the side, are Canadian accents a turn on? 🙂

OK guys, we can’t avoid a woman with nice breasts. They instantly cause our attention to divert towards them. Is it instinct or are we just pervs? You be the judge on that. But we all know all males are guilty of this one. But overall it’s a classic turn on.

Hey where is Stephan Urkel?

Hey where is Stephan Urkel?

Glasses were on the list. Though some people don’t like wearing it. It may be a turn on for someone else that you least expect. Glasses can make the person look smart and sexy at the same time. So if you wear glasses and hate them, you may want to think twice about tossing them aside.

Some posts seem to like women with tattoos. This goes for guys as well. What is it about them? Well some people just find something appealing about tattoos.  I can’t agree more.

Body piercings was on the list for some people. Either from studs to piercings in other areas on the body.

Just a few more here as I’m sure I could go on forever.

Here is a simple one. Just what you’re wearing can be a turn on. Some attire may look good on one person, but not work for someone else. If you are able to know what types of clothes go with your body it can really grab someones attention. If you are unsure, go shopping with a friend or friends. They will be able to find and point out what clothes enhance your appearance.


A smile and/or eyes are a definite magnet. Who can resist someone with an incredible smile. Add those amazing eyes and there is no escape.

So there you have it. These are just a few of the things that can grab your attention. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below. I would like to hear what other turn ons are out there.


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