Advice Falling on Deaf Ears


There are those moments in your life where you have a friend who needs angry_boy_cartoonadvice. They see you as someone who maybe able to provide some help to resolve a situation they maybe in. It’s a nice feeling. You do your best and sometimes you’ve been through this particular situation and will be able to provide advice based on personal experience. Which is usually the best, but overall getting someones opinion or advice can be very helpful and may actually work. Unless….

….we have those situations where your advice falls on deaf ears. They hear you, but they don’t hear you at the same time. They just want to hear your view on the situation or problem, but they choose to continue to do the same thing over and over. But why does that occur? At times there maybe an emotion attachment or they are just be stuck in their ways. Refusing to change. I understand the emotional attachment as it takes time to over come that and move on.

ar133415660904176What really can be annoying is someone refusing the change because they’re to stubborn and yet they know how to solve the problem. They just want someone to point out the obvious. Does this bring a sense of comfort? Everything we continuously tell them just falls on deaf ears. As you tell them one thing and they do the opposite!
Why does that happen? Should we just give them wrong advice in hopes that they will do the right thing?

Some of us try to continuously to help. In hopes that we maybe able to break them out of that shell and use the advice that you continue to bombard them with.

There is a problem with this, it can create stress and frustration over time on yourself.

There a solution to help you to relieve some of the stress . Go vent to someone. It may sound bad, but come on… we also can take so much. In the moment of venting we start to feel a sense of relief and realize that we’re not alone.

It’s nice to help those seeking advice for problems in their life. We give our opinion and sometimes use our own personal experience to help. But if that person refuses to change, don’t stress yourself out to much. Just let them be and hopefully over time they will change themselves. Also keep in mind, maybe the advice you give them isn’t what they are looking for.

However on a positive note, there is a nice feeling inside when someone actually takes your advice, they use it and it helps them in the end. To bad it doesn’t happen as often.


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