The Harlem Shake Phenomenon


When a new and unique dance arises society seems to fall in love with it for a few harlem-shakemonths. As a result I just shake my head. From Gangnam style, to the macarena. Now we have the Harlem shake. This unusual phenomenon seems to take place years apart, but right after the Korean star brought Gangnam style to North America, we get hit next with the Harlem Shake. What happened to our break?

I don’t think anyone saw this coming. Actually I don’t think anyone could see this coming. A new dance upon us so soon? Was this a counter to gangnam style as it outside North America? I doubt it, however it would be nice to have a break after watching so many videos of people dancing to gangnam style. Just for a bit.

There’s not much to say about the Harlem shake. It’s strange and interesting how it’s able to gather hundreds of people together in one location. Kind of reminds me of the second Matrix movie when everyone started dancing in Zion. Yes, let’s not go there. If you have lived in a cave and never heard of the Harlem shake, go to Youtube. There you’ll find plenty of videos and you never know you may find in interesting.

I don’t hate this, nor any of the other strange dances that have come before it. It just interesting how it’s able to gather thousands and thousands of people together. Is music that powerful or does there have to be a unique dance to go with it? Anyways let’s just enjoy the Harlem shake, because before you know it, there will be another dance upon us.


2 thoughts on “The Harlem Shake Phenomenon

  1. Those videos are so funny! What is the guy in the green body suit doing? So, he’s like “I’m just going to be down here on the ground, like this, and I’ll have this gold wreath to bounce off of my pelvis.” There is something about a group of people coming together for a common goal, such as to dance. I love it. I wish I were friends with all of them, even the green guy.

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