The End of Digital Discs


68859-insert-cdThe golden age of the digital disc is long dead and the movie and music industry has been hit hard as much of their profits came from these sales.  Not to mention piracy was the extra kick in the balls. Yes, this includes Blue Rays as sales are low. Sorry fans, digital discs as we know it is a pretty much a dead technology. Blue Rays is pretty much the last hora for the digital disc era. We are even seeing retail stores scaling back on carrying discs. So when will we see the end of this technology? Let’s look back at the pain of having our digital information on this crappy form of media.

One thing that a huge problem is that the disc was easy to scratch. Sometimes it was acd-player_2506013 mystery when the underneath of the disc would have all these little scratches here and there. How did this happen? Then retail stores would try to sell you those ridiculous disc polishers to help reduce the scuffs. There were homemade remedies that people came up with. Such as using tooth paste to help reduce bigger scratches. Window cleaners helped to remove any gunk, but over all if the damage was too much the disc was useless.

Next is having your digital disc skip while in the car or wearing those oversized portable players. Yes there were anti skip technology that came later in the 1990’s but it was still something that still occurred occasionally. BUT let’s not forget once the disc was scratched, you would see the disc skipping here and there and there was nothing you could do about it.

Too many special editions being released and clutter. Yes sometimes I like to have a copy of a movie that has more than just the theater version with a few extra features. But what turned me off from buying movies was that I would get a special edition, then the following year there would be another version release. Then another and then another. Each one getting better and better. For example Terminator 2 had like 3 or 4 editions released as well as the Alien Quadrilogy set. I don’t want to buy every single one.


Clutter begins to pile up as you have a bunch of cheap plastic cases piling up all over your place. The worst part is some of the movies you would not watch again for years or ever again.

Yes hanging your CD on you review mirror is tacky and should be illegal for how ridiculous it looks.

The cost was not justifiable for these discs as we know they are worth peanuts.

Sometimes taking out the disc is a pain as you feel your about to break it in half.

To much security tabs just to open the case.

When the disc gets old, it begins to corrode. Especially with cheap blanks you use to burn your data.

Lastly, it holds a limited amount of data space.


So over all I can’t stand CDs, DVD, Blue Rays and all other sorts of media on digital discs. I can’t wait to see the end of this era as we move forward towards online digital media and streaming. Which is nicer as you don’t have clutter laying all around the place. So let’s just say good-bye to the digital disc. As it’s been around way to long.

By the way on a side note, vinyl records still sound better than CD’s and they just look better. 🙂


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