Where have YOU Been?


b_funny-fish-cartoon“Where have you been?” Or ” Have you fallen off the planet”. Some of the most common questions you may get from old friends you haven’t seen in months or years. The usual reply: “Life” or “I’ve been busy”. It’s usually the truth. Then again sometimes it’s a complete lie as you just never really cared to keep in contact with them. But as you get older your social sphere changes. People come and go regardless if you purposely move on or you two just naturally drift apart.

It’s an odd phenomenon when people just naturally drift, even though you two had a really good friendship. Could it just be work, a girlfriend or boyfriend coming into your life? Yes I’m sure those do play a part. I usually feel that laziness play a huge part as well. Well… when you think about it those weekends were you all got together just starts to seem like a lot of work. You would rather do something else or see someone else.

The speed dial seems like to much effort

Heading out to see them now feels like flying across to another country.

The weather?

My favorite show or movie is now on.

Sorry I fell asleep

Interests have just changed over time


The older you get the worse it gets. Though most of us will always have a core/close-set of friends that we just keep around. The ones outside of it are usually at risk. But by now at this point of my life where I have those who come and go and yet always ask me where I’ve been. Do I really need to repeat myself over and over?

There are those who just don’t get it as if they’ve been living in some sort of alternate universe where things haven’t changed. But what is really interesting is when you decide to get hang out with them. You start to feel that maybe you should put an effort and maybe hopefully things will be like old times.

A few weeks later – You’re back to the same old. Both are you just moved on again. Anyways…



6 thoughts on “Where have YOU Been?

  1. JimBobGrinder

    “I’m so glad you called. I….lost my phone contacts!”

    Read: “Why did you call? I deleted you, thus my call display didn’t tell me it was you and I couldn’t ignore.”

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