Bieber Fan Fail


Never being a fan of Bieber with his ridiculous outfits, terrible music which beiberaims to please only 12-year-old girls. It seems that he’s been getting a lot of negative attention from all over the place. From being booed at events and every media outlet looking for his slip ups. The kid doesn’t seem to get a break. Should we feel sorry for him? Maybe a little. But I feel that some of it was his own doing.

The kid is talented and can dance. He was good enough to get the attention of the right people. So much so they helped him rise up to stardom. A little to fast.


Whoever does he wardrobe needs to be fired. What’s with the man diaper jeans? Those things look like his balls are sagging.

Why are his songs all so lubby dubby and it aims towards kids that are still in grade school. Who are majority of his fan base. A little creepy.

Claims himself as the new Michael Jackson. Really? Kind of to soon and Michael appealed to a larger fan base.

He maybe now taking a nose dive in his career and who knows he may bounce back in the future. But he will need to find himself. Hopefully instead of being told what to say, wear and do every second. He will do what he wants. To add, he really needs to appeal to a larger fan base. It’s really embarrassing when you’re getting booed and some of your fans have to leave because they have a curfew.

What was really embarrassing was when he came to back to Canada and was booed live on stage. To hide the crowds distaste, they started to play young girls cheering through the speaker system. Now wait a second. I feel bad..sort of. But then again his target audience are kids. He’s at a football game with drunk adults who are mostly males. They want to hear someone a bit older and more established.

John Shearer

But overall if you’re Canadian you must have been livid when he took that picture with the Prime Minister wearing his overalls. Really what was he thinking? In an occasion such as that you dress appropriately.

But obviously Bieber didn’t get the memo.


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