TDG Podcast 002: Episode 2 – Turn ons and Pointless Advice?


Here we go again. This time with a full cast of co-hosts and 1 guest. We also try out a free for all open floor segment. Enjoy the show

Today’s topics

1) Advice falling on deaf ears
2)  Biggest turn off
3) Part 2 Biggest turn on
4) Open floor: relationship blues


Episode – 002 – Season 1 – Advice and Turnons

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5 thoughts on “TDG Podcast 002: Episode 2 – Turn ons and Pointless Advice?

  1. Anonymous

    Facebook is not free. They are a business, they take your information (conversations, contacts, etc) and sell them to companies to target you. Have you ever notice the websites you go to (youtube, gmail, amazon) seems to always have ads that catch you attention?

      • Anonymous

        There is an oversaturation of commericalism which impact the most vunerable e.g. young children. When as we as a society are going to say enough is enough?

      • Anonymous

        There will never be a “enough is enough”, unfortunately. Our society continue to push the boundaries and you are right, it is our children that will suffer.

        Just look everywhere, all you see are degenerate youth without a conscience. They can’t even speak a full sentence without a swear word.

        Just the other day I witnessed high school youths throwing huge chunks of packing snow on to cars moving 60kph and nearly caused a serious accident and they were just laughing.

    • JimBobGrinder

      Good point, they’re definitely not free. I should clarify that I meant “free” as in no money paid. And this goes back to a point I made on the podcast; if people are willing to give their information for targeted ads to forego paying actual money, then they shouldn’t complain.

      As you said, NOTHING is free. It’s simply a matter of what one is willing to pay for goods and services. And if we’ve paid with targeted ads – which, by the way, are optional to click on – and received the services we’re using (Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Google Docs, etc.), what reason do we have to complain?

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