Pet Peeves


air-travel-pet-peeveThis post isn’t going to be very long. Or maybe it will one never knows how these things will go.
In any case, I decided to share some of my pet peeves with you. I, personally, love hearing what irritates people (mostly so I can avoid doing it and remain on the person’s good side) but also because I think it’s interesting.

So here we go, in no particular order.

1. When people misuse ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ – please go back to school.
2. Guys that wear the pants really low so you can see their whole behinds – do you know where that comes from? Jail. Do you know what that means? If an inmate was wearing his pants low enough for his derrier to be showing it meant that he was willing to engage in anal intercourse. So are you trying to tell me that you like getting it in that way? Cause I’m not into that…
3. Dirty shoes – it’s really not that hard to keep your shoes clean and you look more put together.
4. When people wear white coats that are not really white anymore from all the staining, and rubbing, and just general wear – who in their right mind would buy a WHITE coat to wear outside on PUBLIC transit which is the equivalent or rolling around in mud, except with more germs. Also – dry cleaners were invented for a reason.
5. When I can tell you’re not really listening to me but just waiting for me to stop talking so that you can get your two cents in – first of all, I can see that so you’re being rude. Second of all, take ‘great listening skills’ off your resume (please note the correct use of ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ in these two sentences).
6. People that don’t put any effort into proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure in their e-mails – if I can’t decipher it don’t get mad when I don’t reply. It’s simple courtesy.
7. People that stop right when they get off the escalator – I push them. I don’t care who you are, I will push you – mostly because I have no choice as the movement of the escalator is propelling me forward.
8. People that brag about the fact that they don’t read – thanks for letting me know that your IQ is below ground level.
9. People that smell bad – do not talk to me unless you have showered in the past 24 hours.
10. Last but not least, people who pick their nose the car because they think you can’t see them – if your windows are not tinted I can see you. And I will stare at you and make you feel uncomfortable and gross because what you’re doing IS gross.

pet peeve

So there. These are my pet peeves. I could go on, but I like to keep things in tens… Do you guys share any of the pet peeves with me? What are the things that tick you off?

Mouse out.


3 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve seen people pick there nose on public transit with no regard and wipe it on the seat. Should I go back to school because I used the wrong “their”?

    The thing that pisses me off the most is line cutting. Don’t these people grasp the concept of the “line”, esp in public transit.

  2. JimBobGrinder

    Next time we meet up I’m gonna do at least three of the ten; see if this connection of ours will last. I also want to see how … YOUR going to react.

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