Where are all the Video Rental Stores?


imgpressIf you were able to read my post about the end of the digital disc. Well this new post will fit right in.  Lets go back in time where a video rental store was at ever corner in your neighborhood. It used to be almost like a weekend tradition to sit at home and watch a movie. But instead of going to the local mall and paying full price for a movie. You could just quickly select a movie from the video store and leave.

You also had the options to grab some snacks, such as popcorn to make the experience feel like a night at the theater. Well sort of. But work with me here. Going to the video store, such as Block Buster was aQuickStop1 treat. Not only were you surrounded by new block buster hits. You also had the selection of the lower budget films.

If you got the chance to rent VHS tapes, remember when they would request that you rewind the tape before returning it back into the drop box? What a pain. But you got to love the memories.

Now for gamers renting was a treat. Because you were a kid sometimes your parents were not to crazy for paying full price for a cartridge. It was a little pricey. Instead you got to rent a copy of…say Battle Toads, or Contra over the weekend in an attempt to beat it in just days. If not, you either gave it another shot the next weekend or try something else. But sometimes I wish I didn’t rent so much as it really ruined my library or classic retro games. But when I look back at least I know I had a chance to play a lot of the old classic games.

quick-stop-groceries--video-logo-large-2011-davesgeekyideasChanges came about such as the digital disc making its way in, then issues with mysterious late charges began. Then rental prices were becoming a little to high and not worth the cost. Line ups were sometimes an issue and it was a downer when they ran out of copies of the movie you planned on watching. Eventually the video store seemed like a far away dream and an inconvenience.

Eventually one by one video stores started to disappear. Only the giant video stores chains were still hanging around. Though most of us knew their days were numbered. Online streaming, downloading and the low-cost of the digital disc were taking off. It was easier to grab your movie through other means and not worry about late fees. You were also able to get special or limited editions if you were a big movie collector.

Now when I look outside I just see an empty oasis. A desert that once upon a time  were filled with video rental stores.

No more weekend deals, no more short drives to grab your favorite game or movie, no more getting lost in a sea of block buster hits.

Now the video rental store is no more.



6 thoughts on “Where are all the Video Rental Stores?

  1. JimBobGrinder

    I miss these days. Blockbuster has to blame themselves though; they should’ve changed their business strategy when NetFlix showed up back in 2003 (or whenever). While piracy certainly hurt, if they had started a digital strategy earlier, I think they’d still be around.

      • JimBobGrinder

        Battletoads? Lord, what an amazing and brutally difficult game. The furthest I think I got was after that warp zone on the speed bikes; I recall going through it but not what comes after. I did play Rad Racer, though now much, and not with a Power Glove 🙂

        I’m 34.

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