Useless Multiplayer Add ons


Video games have been around us for a very long time. It’s not a fad that is going to come andBatman_and_Joker_Batman_Archam_City_HD_Wallpaper-gWb go. Though many in the past believed so. Video games ia giant cash cow. As many of the big AAA games are able to bring in millions of dollars. Things seem to be look good if you are able to make a game that will sell millions of copies. To add the developers want their game to continue to sell over the months to come. Which will cover costs, generate profit and help the franchise grow.

But in the past few years the gaming industry has been hurting by a market that is not exactly new. I’m talking about the used video game market. The used gaming market has exploded as they resell games for only a few dollars cheaper than the an unused copy. Making them almost maximize their profit. This has infuriated developers are there is now less revenue flowing back their way. It’s now becoming a game of tug or war.

Have you seen our recyling program?

Have you seen our recyling program?

So what are some of the strategies developers have been doing to slow down this market. Well we have good old-fashioned muliplayer. This is a strategy used in hopes that the consumer will not resell their game back to retails stores for a few dollars and then someone else will come in and by that used copy. Developers want to slow down and in a sense stop this cycle.  I love multiplayer mode. But I hate it at the same time.

For one, it doesn’t suit every game. Some games are just meant for the single player experience. –

That’s right Bio Shock 2


Sometimes the developers just slap on a cheap muliplayer mode, hoping that the consumer will continue to play their game in the months to come. The problem with that is there are so many games coming out. That it’s hard to play the same game over and over. Some people want to play something new.


They sometimes get another developer to make the multiplayer mode. Which can cause a number of problems. As the look and feel can be completely different from the single player mode.

-I’m looking at you Medal of Honor

DLC is always on the table. Don’t think that you can get away with the 5 maps that came with your game. There are a lot more to come and they want you to buy them. A good way to nickel and dime the consumer.

Going back to the cheap multiplayer add ons. Some games that normally don’t have multiplayer and now all of a sudden do, tend to put in little effort. I just don’t understand how they can release it when it has poorly designed maps. The match making is absolutely terrible and the experience over all in uninteresting.

The one pet peeve I have is that it cuts into the single player mode. This mode seems to behalo getting shorter and shorter. Some single player games can be as short as 6 hours. You could beat these games in one sitting. We might as well go back to renting video games in rental stores. When you can beat it in a day or 2.

However, some games are suited for multiplayer mode, as others arn’t. I understand why they want to increase the longevity of their game. But there has to be a better way. At this point I don’t see the used game market slowing down.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see when the next gen consoles come out soon.


2 thoughts on “Useless Multiplayer Add ons

  1. JimBobGrinder

    Never thought of multiplayer as a means to prevent reselling a game; interesting point of view. I personally don’t think it’s cutting into single-player length. Games that are “meant to be” single player experiences typically have their 20+ hour campaigns (e.g. Bioshock, Tomb Raider, Batman Arkham City). Those that are popular multiplayers: Call of Duty, Battlefield, have shorter campaigns because the developers know that people are buying it for multiplayer anyway. I have no problem with this; they’re putting resources where the consumer will be spending much of their time. I’ve probably put in 8 hours into single player for Modern Warfare 2 and 3, and about 200 hours plus into the multiplayer.

    And while it wasn’t the greatest, Bioshock 2’s multiplayer was actually decent. Like a down-and-dirty, basic deathmatch that was just flat out fun (having 9 people team up on one Big Daddy was ****in’ fantastic). The community died out in a few months, but there weren’t as many people talking like idiots; people on chat were just laughing it up with one another and having a good time.

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