Family Sitcoms: 80’s vs 90’s


sitcoms2Family sitcoms is something that brings people together to sit down and watch another family go through their daily ups and downs. It was a weeknight escape from reality as we looked for some humor to make us laugh. Had a long day at work? Why not watch the Cosby show. Want something that pushed the envelope a little, why not watch Married with Children.  To me the 80’s and more the 90’s there was no shortage of good family sitcom.

So which is better? Did the 90’s really have better sitcoms or should the 80’s take the gold medal? It’s really personal opinion and what era you grew up in.  I for one will have to give it to the 1990’s only because I remember that era a lot better. But let’s see what was around then.

Let’s look over some of them shall we?

Family Matters


I used to watch this show religiously. From start to almost end I always wanted to see what good old Steve Urkle was up to. Until they began to milk out his character. Later one Stephan came about and the series took a plunge. But it was always entertaining to see what Steve would do to win his love for Laura. Though it was pretty sad at the same time that he was never able to fully move on. Let’s not forget poor Carl Winslow, who will always be playing the cop outside the sitcom.

Married With Children

At the time it was not a show you would like to see your kids watching. WhichNOMaam was due to the adult humor. Remember No Ma’am? What about Al Bundy? He seemed so sad how he was not living the American dream. He could only get away when he when out drinking. Day dreaming of being massaged by strippers. But when he was awake, he was back to being a good old shoe salesman driving an olds mobile. It was just to funny.

Another favorite I have to mention is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Which was full with humor and serious moments.

We had Full House. Which wasn’t to bad at all and was a popular for sometime. However, at a point I couldn’t bother to watch. It was interesting how that house was able to function with so many people living under one roof.

To add to the list there was The Simpsons, which is still ongoing. Home Improvement and let’s not forget Seinfeld.

Now to the 80s sitcoms. I can barely remember them and please forgive me if I forget to mention any.

Firstly, we have Different Strokes. Which ran for a long time.  Though I caught the tail end of it.  It was a pretty funny show for its time. Today I’m able to watch a few episodes now on the internet. Do you ever get a chance to see Mr T make an appearance?

“Whatcha talking about Willis?”

Alf! Now that’s one character I remember all to well. A very odd looking Alien who managed to live with the Tanners without any problems. This show was really entertaining and was always able to make the audience laugh. The character Alf was very popular in many house holds.

Cosby showWe have the Cosby Show and Perfect Strangers, Growing Pains, Family Ties and Who’s the Boss. Which were all amazing sitcoms to catch on a weekday night.

Though I will give the gold medal to the sitcoms of the 90’s. The 80’s are right on its tail. Both eras were full with amazing shows. I can’t say one was overall better than the other. It’s only because I remember the 90’s a lot better.

Will we ever see television networks going back to these? Or is reality television the new thing to watch? I guess to get your 80’s or 90’s sitcom fix, you just have to turn to the internet.


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