3D utter Failure


What happened to the 3D revolution? Wasnt it supposed to be the biggest thing3D-Glasses-Cartoon to enhance your movie and television experience? We got High Def, which as a nice step forward. But why not add 3D to it. Why not just add stupid 3D effects to make movies that are actually 2D even better. Reason 3D sucks and its dying just like it did back when it was first launched 30 something years ago.

3D was being pushed a few years back. You would find it almost everywhere. From video games, TV shows and of course in movies. But why push this technology on us when High Def is still making its way through. It may have failed for a number of reasons.

3d experienceFor one, you will need to buy a new TV. It was okay if you didn’t own a new TV, but if you already owned a HD TV… Why would you want to upgrade!

It caused a headache for a lot of people. It you were one of those people who could not handle 3D for more than 20 minutes. 3D technology would not be making its way into your home. Its just to strenuous on your eyes. Even Nintendo had a warning label to limit you use when in 3D mode.


Glasses! Who wants to watch their favorite show wearing glasses! What if you have guest over? Will there be enough? What if you run out of batteries? They where also to expensive!. So many questions… Upon questions

toystory3D on a TV screen does not look the same as the 3D images on a movie screen. It sometimes looked like the images were still inside your screen, with a little more depth

Lastly with a rise of 2D glasses on the market, wouldn’t the industry take a hint? I knew most people would see the movie in 2D if they had the option. If you paid for extra for the 3D movie. It was sometimes a rip off. I would see an apple or dust or water come out of the screen. ohh ahhh what an experience…. …That just blew my mind….. …..

So maybe 3D will go away or maybe not. But it’s something that came to quickly and where the technology still needs to improve greatly. I guess we’ll see how it goes. But for now I think that’s enough.

Well what about…smellovision? I second though. Forget it


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