Battle of the 80s cartoon Villians




80s_cartoon_villains_united_by_ChadtheHCartoons from the 1980’s will always be remembered as being totally amazing. Mostly for being creative, taking risks and having a cool cast of memorable characters. During this time we truly get to see the battle of good vs evil. Unfortunately today we don’t see it. We usually get to see re-runs and occasionally a reboot of an old franchise. Which doesn’t last to long.

What I loved the most were the villains. They were just so unique and strange. On occasion I was rooting for them to win because the good guys would always win 99 percent of the time. There was a bit of sympathy for the villains on occasion as it would be so rare to have to good guys lose. And if they did it loose to the villains, it was usually a 2 part series. 

80s cartoon villains where awesome, strange and unique. But who were the baddest of them all? And would reign supreme over all the villains in the cartoon universe. Let’s name a few that I picked randomly:

Mumm-ra, Skeletor, Megatron, Gargamel, Dr Claw, No Heart, Big Boss and my last pick for today’s battle is Shredder.


Dr Claw


Colored on April 17th, 2012. Proud~ megatronmumm_ra_colored_by_davergeNoHeartShredder





Now I’m not going to break down each one in great detail. It will take forever. But let’s get a quick look whom, in my opinion would reign supreme. Who is the baddest of them all to rule the cartoon universe?

Now Shredder from the first TMNT movie was a bad ass, but the cartoon version was just a failure. Why? He trusted his dumb, lazy, incompetent minions to help him destroy the turtles. You’d think after the Foot soldiers failed over and over again he would seek new help. So unfortunately since we can’t go with the movie version. Shredder has to take a back seat.

Mumm-ra? He was a pretty good villain. He was known for the ever-living source of evil.Mumm-RaHe had magic powers which was powerful against the ThunderCats. He could throw thunder bolts, spells and could morph. The problem with him is that when he lost. He would go back into his sarcophagus. We need a full-time 24 hr villain. No time for rest.

Which brings us to Megatron. A machine who was determined to destroy the Autobots once and for all. His side was so good that they managed to kicked the Autobots off their home planet and make them crash into a volcano. Megatron was able to bring the Decepticons to new heights as he was able to beat Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. Even though Megatron was beaten after his fight with Optimus he came back in a new body. He is refuses to take a break until the Autobots are exterminated once and for all.

Dr Claw, No Heart and Gargamel, together were just the worst villains. They had the easiest foes and yet in every episode they could not even score a victory. Inspector Gadget..  Seriously? Who are their bosses? Because though I wanted to see the Smurfs obliterated, it would never happen. Why were they so difficult.  I understand Inspector Gadget got help, but Dr Claw shouldn’t have had that much trouble. So these 2 are definitely failures. And No Heart needs a new career. I know the Care Bears may have been to powerful when they all got together. But he could have been a little more creative.

Big Boss from C.O.P.S was a pretty cool villain and had an arsenal of bad guys to work under him. Unfortunately, they had pretty low IQ and just could not take over Empire City. But he was definitely one of my favorite villains who has potential to be the baddest of them all. He was strong, smart (sort of) and had more realist goals. He just wanted to rule a small city. Nothing more.

Lastly we have Skelator from the He-Man universe. A definite badass. And some would say one of the greatest. He-Man was a strong appoint and sometimes needed the help of his friends. A great villain indeed. He Man on his own could not have stopped this foe from taking over.

So it comes down to the final 3 picks. Megatron, Big Boss and Skelator.

So I will have to give it to Megatron as winner. He beat Optiums Prime, manged to expand the Decepticons, Rule the HomeWorld of the Autobots, Die and the come back in a new form and the list goes on. Megatron is so far the number 1 80’s villain. But is there another who is more powerful?


So long Optimus

So long Optimus


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  1. Anonymous

    Speaking of cross over battles, this guy’s youtube channel features just that. For example this link is Spiderman vs Batman:

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