Star Wars vs Star Trek and …Battle Star Galactica?


Nerds unite! This old ongoing battle of our favorite sci-fi universe will neverstar-wars-vs-star-trek die. As we continuously argue who, if went head to head, would win. Of course its Star Wars vs Star Trek! And if you want, we can throw in Battle Star Galactica in there. But with these titans going head to head. Who is your favorite and why do you think your favorite sci-fi universe would rule over all?

vaderStar Wars is my favorite, but I feel that Star Wars – pre episode 1: The Phantom Menace was when I loved it the most. I was into the original trilogy, the cartoons, video games and later on heavily invested into the books. Actually the books were so good, I was hoping that George Lucas to bring back the movies. No re-releases of the original, but brand new movies. He did and it didn’t take me until Episode 3 to like the series again.

But my love for it was never the same. The animated series is pretty good, but I Movie_Star_Wars_29186feel like they are playing it safe and toning it down a little.

So what makes Star Wars so great?

The force, which is some mystical powers that only Jedi Knights have.

The space battles are epic and jaw dropping. I’m also sure many of us imagined ourselves flying and Xwing.

Light Sabers. Yes what makes anyone feel more like a bad ass when holding onto a laser sword. That’s right I said it, laser sword.

The aliens are all unique and so diverse.

The Death Star! Yes we need to build one

The space ships are amazing.

Okay that’s all I can think of at the moment. But I’m sure there are lots more reasons why Star Wars is amazing.

star_trekSo what about Star Trek? I love this franchise to, but my knowledge is not that great. So I’m not a Trekker. But from what I know from Star Trek is pretty cool because it’s in a universe that’s a little more realistic to ours. Especially with the re launch of the new movie. I like how there is a United Federation of Planets. The Borg is a really foe that’s I find amazing. They seem unstoppable foe.  I really hope they bring them back into the reboot. As well the TV series were pretty good. I used to catch episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation when I was a kid. And Captain Picard is my favorite captain. Sorry Kirk, your good to, but I didn’t grow up watching you on the Enterprise.

So what makes it so great?

The ability to beam yourself to various locations

Hot alien babesRachel_Nichols

Ability to time travel

More unique alien worlds

The Borg

That’s all I can think of. Hey remember I’m not a trekker. So if you’re a big Star Trek Fan, let me know in the comments. I would like to know!

Oh right Battle Star Galactia! We’ll I will leave it up to you as well.


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