Crappy Video Game Movies



How many video game to movie adaptations can you say are actually good? None? Not many? Some?

It’s one thing gamers love to see is a movie based on their favorite video game. However, now a days it’s to scary and to risky as the film industry just butchers them as it hits the big screen. Everything is wrong. Almost as if it was done deliberately to just take your money. Because they know you will most likely see it. Seeing these bad movies are just witnessing one disaster after another. How much more can we take! At least now they are starting the get the super hero movies right. But what about video game movies? Are they doomed forever or will we ever see a light at the end of the tunnel of garbage? But let’s see what we’ve had to endure with.

I can’t recall the last good video game movie released. I could say the first Mortal Kombat movie, but the second was just horrible. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chung Li

What? No sequal?!

What? No sequal?!

was okay. But the original was so bad I recall people laughing in the theatre and just walking out. Final Fantasy The Spirits Within? I tried to re-watch it only to fall asleep here and there.So what is the s—t cocktail that these directors put together to make such a bad movie? I’m sure it’s not that hard to figure out. But lets lay it out there.

Shitty story. Yes they don’t want to copy the video game story, but maybe sometimes you should because your story line is just sucks. Or maybe a side story to the main story of the game might be a better choice. Going on a completely new story outside that universe to me is a no-no.

CGI stills sucks. Though not really an issue. I just think it sucks and it just adds to the shittyness of the movie. It all looks rubbery and fake. Especially when it comes to human looking CGI. When they try to make them look realistic then we get into a place called “uncanny valley“. Where it just creeps us out as it looks to real, but lifeless.

WindCommandermovieBad acting and script. Really!!! are these guys on a tight budget our is the writers still in grade school? Maybe that’s a little to mean…

Now when they do get a big known actor it usually never helps at all. It may raise it up a bit. But it’s never a big lift for the movie.

But my number one pick that ruins these adaptations is again as mentioned above is the story without a doubt. It’s the base and if that falls nothing can really bring it back from the ashes. Lets look at Doom. Good cast, good props, but the story fell flat on its a%# . Duane Johnson who was the main actor just couldn’t save it. I try to forget about that movie.

However Tomb Raider was okay. Only the 1st movie, I wasn’t a fan of the 2nd. Same goes for Resident Evil.

Going through memory lane, as a kid I kind of liked the Super Mario Bros movie. Yes it’s a bad movie, but at the time I liked it. Today…it’s just a disaster. After watching it again I understand now why Dennis Hoffman is embarrassed he actually acted in that movie. The cartoon was so much better.

More bad movies: Wing Commander, Double Dragon, Street Fighter (original release),Fatal Fury, Tekken, Alone in the Dark, Doom, Resident Evil 3 (Haven’t seen part 4), Hitman, and Blood Rayne

The Street Fighter Movie was the only video game that was made into a movie. Then had a video game created based on the movie

The Street Fighter Movie was the only video game that was made into a movie. Then had a video game created based on the movie

What do you think of Max Pain? It was okay. I can’t say it was a flop. Silent Hill 1 was not bad. I still need to see part 2.

With more yet to come, I guess all I can do is add it to the s–t list. But I still have hope. One day hopefully the film industry will get it right and before we see a Halo or Gears of War movie.

Yes I love these 2 games šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Crappy Video Game Movies

  1. I thought the silent hill films were decent, but the bad definitely out weighs the good in the video game film world.

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