Social Spring Cleaning


With spring now a few weeks old, many of us have surely completed or begun the annual spring cleaning. Whether you’re completely overhauling the space around you, dumping unnecessary work files, or just revamping your music playlists, there’s something about spring that compels us to clean.

Today, I’m encouraging a different kind of spring cleaning: getting rid of negative people in your life.

This sounds ruthless, because it is. But hell, you’ve got your own things going on: you’re working on that hectic project at work, you’re trying something new in your life, you’re doing all sorts of things that require positivity and support. If a person doesn’t provide either, or rather, actually manages to take those away from you, dump’em.


“Oh, you’re starting to do spin classes? Damn, I sure do hope you fail, friend.”

You know this person I’m talking about. It’s the person who you’ll only hang out with if you’re buffered by at least four other people, because God forbid you spend one-on-one time with this person. Maybe it’s because this person manages to suck the energy out of you, maybe he/she seemingly looks for ways to say you’re not good enough, or maybe this person is just flat out boring or is constantly negative about everything around him/her.

Do you really want to go out with friends on a work day, after a long day, only to have to interact with that person? No, definitely not.

“But I can’t!” you say. “We snuck into R-rated movies together in grade 8, we hung out on the school yard. We’ve been friends for so long.” That’s great, your loyalty is without question. But hell, that was ten years ago. Things change, people change. Some people unfortunately change for the worse. And if they have, personally, I don’t want them around anymore.

Because, negativity? Ain’t nobody got time for that ****.


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