What is Tiger Woods Secret to His Come Back?


Should we feel sorry for Tiger Woods for all the ridicule he got a few years ago?Tigersnewgf Yes, he was successful in the beginning and was able to rise to the top. Then came marriage etc. Next thing you he’s trying to escape from his wife because he was caught cheating. Was he not ready to settle down? Because off all that Tiger got a lot of negative press, people were disgusted by him and sponsors walked away. He was at the bottom of the bottom. He tried to compete but he just was not as good as he used to be. Something changed him.

Let’s fast forward to present day. He’s still seen as the golfing STD PGA pro, but he seems to be doing well. So much so that he’s doing a lot better and winning again. But we find out later he’s dating again. Wow, when you have money, no matter what you do some girls will still want to be with you. But forget about it if your just the everyday average Joe…

Yes he’s with someone new. Does that mean that Tiger needs sex in order totigerbook win? Is that his secret? Or is the company of women that gives him his super powers?

Advice to Tiger: Just date, don’t settle down.

He shouldn’t have been settled down in the first place. He needed to go and enjoy his freedom. Yes his wife was incredibly attractive. But he should have enjoyed singlehood for a while.

But are these women really into him or is the fame they will gain for being with him or is it his money…?

Do like him? It really depends. But overall when he’s with someone there is a huge difference with his performance in the PGA.

Maybe his should sell some sort of Tiger sex Juice? …


Anyways, lets see how long those two will last and who will jump on the Tiger train next as he continues to do well. Then we know its official. Women give Tiger Woods his winning edge.


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