The Boston Marathon Bombing


Boston_marathon_heroesIt’s been a week now since the Boston Marathon bombings, but I just wanted to write a short post saying that my heart goes out to all the victims.
This was an unbelievable act of ugly violence and not one individual in that marathon deserved to go through something like that. The fact that the two men responsible for the crime have now been captured (one of them killed) is little comfort, I find.

Their arrest and even learning what caused their hatred towards these innocent people isn’t going to bring back the people who have died, and it isn’t going to un-injure the surviving victims. And it certainly isn’t going to erase the horrifying memory from the minds of all those that were affected by this atrocious deed.
Even if we do find out what caused these brothers to lash out at the world around them – their actions will never be justified. There is no good reason that could possibly exist for killing innocent civilians.
Personally, I think that what is important to take away from this is the memory of all the individuals who kept running past the finish line to give blood, the individuals who sprang into action to help those in need, and the amazing dedication of the police officers who were relentless in their pursuit of these criminals.


Let us not concentrate on the two individuals who caused this chaos but rather on the beautiful stories that emerged in this ugly tragedy. Let not hatred invade your hearts.



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