The Return on Vinyl


vinylMusic has come on many forms of media. We’ve seen it on the Compact Disc (CD), vinyl, Cassette tape, Digital Audio File (Mp3) and 8 Track. Much of this media has come and gone as we always look for media that can bring us highest quality of sound and of course convenience. Now that we have moved towards digital downloading it has pushed out the CD. Which at one point was seen as bringing us the highest audio quality. But during this transition from the ashes the vinyl record market starting to pick up-stream.

The vinyl record which once dominated the market fizzled away as the cassette tape and CD made it’s way the market. With its returns more artists are now releasing more albums on vinyl. Some of the popularity we have to thank comes from Gen Y. Who never got a chance to experience the vinyl record. They were infants or not yet born for that matter and were exposed to the cassette tape and of course compact disc. However, as many of them began to go through their parents collection of stuff. Buried under all that junk is the vinyl collection that was forgotten all those years. Many of them at this point find this form of media fascinating. Thus began to look for records to purchase and as a result helped fuel the demand.

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This was a huge help for others who just love vinyl and had to endure the painful era of the compact disc….Well kind of.

They as well would rather hear their music on a record.


So my question is this, does the sound quality of a record sound better than other forms of media? Now my personal opinion is no, not really. Why? For the shear fact that you can hear static and the audio is a bit grainy. But, I would like to state that I love it. CD’s and Mp3 audio files may be digital without flaws (Not include broke audio files and CD skipping etc). But the sound of audio on vinyl just feels so much better.

Having the luck of having some of the records passed down and starting up my collection. I can say that I rather spend my money on a record that an audio file on iTunes or a worthless CD. I love the art work in a record cover and the feeling of vinyl in my hands. A file feels so empty.

Unfortunately finding records are not as easy as finding the dying CD section. Yes more are popping up. But we need more! Many music stores are experiencing low CD sales. So why not have a small record section? Its a market that’s picking up steam. So why not capitalize on it. There are people out there who want to support that market.

I guess we have to wait and see as time will tell.

So what do you like you music on? And what about your movies? Is there a particular media that you perfer?



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